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testimonial :

Andrew's work is full of good vibes, which totally makes sense the moment you meet him. He understood exactly what we needed to capture, then overdelivered the hell out of everything, and then took us all out for a few rounds after we wrapped. He even let me yell, "that's a wrap." Plus, if you ask nicely, he'll take you surfing. 

Tanner Uselmann - Art Director space150 - 3M

With Andrew's images I could sense the story without it being overt.  It allowed me to enter the story visually and piece it together in my own imagination, and that was powerful.

Greg Rowan, Creative Director Teak Digital - JanSport

Andrew brings ideas to life through an authentic space and reveals memorable moments that capture the heart of the brand.  Oh and he is also dope to work with.

Kasia Pilch - Creative Director FCB Chicago - Powerade

Andrew is always fun to work with.  He has a great "go with the flow" approach which allows hm to capture unexpected elements.  His ability to understand the objectives/nuances for the projects enables him to relate to others easily which makes the model/target audience very comfortable.

Cate Engerrand - Art Director, GYRO - TD AmeriTrade

I had the pleasure of shooting an integrated campaign with Andrew, he is one of the most dedicated commercial photographers around. He doesn't quit until he gets the perfect shot! His photography is beyond stunning and the moments he captures are vivid, current and have a life of their own. During our shoot Andrew never stopped coming up with ideas that impressed my creative team and was always willing to go the extra mile to get a shot. Even if that meant crawling through mud by a water fall, off roading in a rented jeep, or hanging off of a cliff. We had a great time traveling together and I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with him again in the near future.

Haley Silverman, Integrated Agency Producer - Michelob ULTRA

The minute I saw Andrew's portfolio I knew I wanted to work with him.  His photos capture quiet, often overlooked moments in a really beautiful way.  He understood the aesthetic we wanted to achieve and elevated it.  Working with him was collaborative, professional and it doesn't hurt that he's just a cool dude.

Shealah Cocherell, Art Director, space150 - 3M